About Us

Who We Are

Matter was started by Maya McDonell and Isis St Pierre, two women with a passion for design and helping the world. Matter allows the two to marry their ethics, business skills and love of design to do what they strive for most: to achieve social change for a fairer world.

Maya has a love for beautifully crafted and ethically sound objects, her keen eye for design is influenced by her Japanese heritage. Her passion for social and environmental justice was sparked studying anthropology and third world development at university, where her propensity for extreme research also began. Over the last 10 years she has worked both for herself and others in the handmade and design world. When she's not working you'll find her bushwalking in the Tasmanian wilderness, or crafting while drinking copious amounts of tea.


Isis St Pierre has worked in graphic design, textiles and printmaking for the last decade. She's passionate about food & community, and how the global community is going to work together to tackle issues of food sustainability, and the loss of cultural and environmental diversity. When she's not working on Matter, you'll find Isis in the veggie patch dreaming of travel to far off places.

What We're About

We started Matter in response to the lack of ethical homewares available in Australia. As self-confessed home-bodies, we understand the influence that the spaces we create can have on personal well-being. We think it's important to surround yourself with beautiful but essential items. Simple, well designed objects that will be with you for life, to bring joy to your everyday rituals. 



"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."

                                                                                            - William Morris



We both have strong ethical values, and try our hardest to live by these. Both of us have struggled to find ethical everyday items for our homes, that are also well designed and of a good quality. Having taken the time to track down items that we love and feel comfortable buying, we wanted to share them and make them available to others. We hope that in the process we would also be able to support communities around the world to continue their traditional handcrafts through alternative business opportunities.





 Hobart, Tasmania